Post Your Screenshots!


what planet you on?


Its on trung (eu)


He is the shield that guards the realms of men.


I absolutely adore this little terrarium! I was running around all over the place, so I don’t remember where it was tho :disappointed:


Selling Mantel 1c each xD nah just jokeing it’s another thing I’ve made in Blender hehe


@james where is my water . :roll_eyes:


progression made a bit. james you can put that water bucket into my storage … next to my oort. Thx … :stuck_out_tongue:


just like the old days xD


There’s an unoccupied city portal on Trung when you get your city going… :slight_smile:


That looks like Fantasy Tree. In Legendville, but has a shop on the main stretch of your mall with a portal to it.


That was probably it. Beautiful store & theme!!


I think this ship is amazing! The level of detail is just wow!



man I want to get in on this but I have so many projects going right now.
little known fact. I’m way into aqua/magma ducts.
I just love to work with the fluid system in this game.
where is this? I’d love to come have a look sometime.


its on Trung. i just connected it with PS trung gate. player portals under the name “buugi”.


im done for today… prolly got more done than i have in a month . this all is created today :stuck_out_tongue:


Long live Elop Portas…


Say cheese :smiley: @Damagekai


:grin: good farming Session


RTG Power gleam farming! I threw 16 1/2 regen bombs! :slight_smile: Now my finger hurts! hahaha! At this Tonight/evening (EU time)(Sunday) I’ll throw 9 to 18 bombs again! Anyone who would like to be part of it! :slight_smile:

greetings RTG and Akuji! :slight_smile:


Hmm. This is in the sanctum. Does the EXO have a moon? What is this? Hmmmmmm