Post Your Screenshots!


Supposed to be a location token.


My afk throne :smiley:



New park in Sasquatchville

And my new secret night club, open 24/7, well lights are :wink:


Great job…you are quite the artist!


So cute!! :heart_eyes:


Look what I just discovered! These cute teepees, cactus, river, waterfall…Love it!


Hmmmm…something strange in the sky.


They’ve opened the wormhole. Their fleet will soon be here. Prepare for Invasion!. :alien:



:smile: Come on then…we’re your huckleberry! HA! HA!


I saw it many for many days and damn - i rly love it :smiley:


Could it be some kind of foreshadowing for the Hunter creature update?


Thank you. I’m going to do a few more demonstration pieces then try to hire myself out. Maybe an elephant next? People like elephants don’t they?


Only if they are pink… and on parade.


I like it, wish this was craftable, with glass + wood maybe? Would be perfect if it tints depending on the wood you craft it with. Thank you @willcrutchley for the files ^^ Funny thing I noticed while editing it was that it’s basically the same texture as the lantern but without the center, and the lanterns look ok while slope chiseled :thinking:


Amazing build at UCN, eresho…really worth a visit in person to appreciate the detail.


Have you found your new base plots? I’m on Tana vii, part of where I’m at is flat, flat, flat ash right on the river/ocean. Tana vii is US east , if still looking I’ll give more info



So we’ve got the afk area, extended portal area(not enough room in the main portal area), and my Oort Storage. Tho that picture is a lil out dated and doesn’t give the best view of the room. I’ll post a new one later.


My first 'Lodge" at Chateau Excelsior .


Thought these turned out quite well =)

from Etherian Woods - Biitula