Post Your Screenshots!


Thanks @KKBell. I can’t wait to finish it.

The metal is machined copper, though I’m not entirely sure I’ll stick with it yet.

@Scratchnwiff and @QUEENNUTS have helped out too.

@Dzchan94 is going to put his statue sculpting skills to work out front.

It’s a group effort, and turning out nicely. There are 10 of us on the build team, and we all share resources, discuss ideas, build on each others plots and generally consider Elop Portas as a whole ‘our build’.

We’re all chomping at the bit for 1.0.


Trying to flesh out that ring on Epsilo is still eating my soul, though I did detour (slightly) for a nice ground-tower that spiked the prestige by nearly 200k. Thinking about putting a figurehead on the side, but when the figurehead is going to be 150m tall and lag-falling to my death is eating my ruby grapples by the bushel… I think I’m going to put it off for later when the devs (hopefully) fix the nasty latency murder situation.


Got about 540 machined copper if you choose to use it. Let me know.


I appreciate that, @KKBell- I’ll let you know.

Here’s some more shots of some of the beautiful garden and tree work our expert landscapers @H3yjo and @QUEENNUTS have been doing;


that hopperdrome is one of the coolest things ive seen in game


Speaking of! The ring looks lovely reflected in the ocean…

Even Grumpyface McHops thinks so


When the Devs look like they’re gonna break out the next best single.


I quite like the old totem design. It looks mighty efficient for breaking Spitter faces.


Looks like a great whacking stick to me! Kill them kill them all damn little spitters… :boundless:


That’s actually dev shooter, when you encounter a bug you take one of those out and shoot out devs on it :smiley:


It’s been months since I finished the bathhouse, though I still never got around to finishing the outer terrace. Thankfully we have @QUEENNUTS for that;

I’ve been mooching about. The interior of the Drome was driving me crazy, so I decided to try some fun lighting instead. Work in progress, but getting there!

And here’s some slackers;


Just visited the Hopperdrome for the first time. It is… marvelous. Truly amazing. If anybody has not seen it, make the trip - it’s totally worth it.


That’s just the right lighting that your going for on the Hopperdrome. truly love it! :doug:


Really great work with the bathhouse. My favourite part of the city thus far.

Also, James and Ollie on a secret date? I wonder when this happened.


I know what you mean, my tunnel though Nasharil is kill my soul too.


Looks like Pseudonun has a new pet, Scrappy!


Wouldn’t be ‘Pseudo’s Spitter Sticks™’ without a caged Spitter out front.

I feed Scrappy the remains of his dead brothers and sisters.


Love your new PET! Wack them all with your Spitter Stick! For Sale in Trader’s Parish just of the Cathedral! :boundless:


Sick… and wonderful! Or is it the other way around?


We need a football.