Post Your Screenshots!


Sorry for late response. Feel free to use the pictures!


The old artstyle was sooooo good :frowning:


I liked the old brick. But generally, the new textures are better.


The Parthenon?!?


Huh? :sparkles:


Image search “The Parthenon”. You’ll understand immediately.

Long story short, the building with pillars in your picture? It’s at least partly modeled on an architectural wonder of the ancient world (may or may not be one of the “seven wonders of the ancient world”, depending on who you ask).


Oh cool! :slight_smile:


Awesome!!! This is exactly what I had been talking about in an old post of mine. Capturing an orbital body in a bowl. Or framing it like you did. :clap:


Sometimes you just gotta take a break from building and have some fun


Elopor Beauty

edit forgot the night time versions


I never got around to posting shots of the Cuttlecombs. It’s been finished some time, but the jumping puzzles inside were designed for pre 167. @Scratchnwiff and @DanBeforeTime have been attempting the Combs without upgrading their jumping skills, though due to our vastly different timezones we haven’t got around to finishing those runs.

Here are some screenshots non the less;

…and for those of you who want to see Beyoncé;

Click Here!

If you want to visit the Combs and get lost inside, head over to the bathhouse in Elop Portas and climb in through Jade’s mouth (the Dragon Turtle built by @Scratchnwiff)

The Combs was built by myself and @Spoygg. Thanks to @SWProzee1 for his generous donation of Sponge and for showing me the best places to farm it, and to @Scratchnwiff for making the Dragon Turtle entrance.


Beautiful, but I’m still not clicking on beyonce yet :smile:


Why not? She’s a very refined lady, even if non-human.


Where DO you farm sponge?


Bottom of the ocean on Septerfon is where I got most of mine. Create air pockets to breath while you’re down there.


Yeah I showed @Pseudonym84 how to do it. :grinning:

(True fact: Don’t go with @Pseudonym84, he broke my air pocket all the time trying to drown me.)


what is sponge i wonna know lol
never seen it


You can get them on Epsilo too I dredged up about a thousand of them pretty quickly the other day. They ARE under the ocean, (which is massive and beautiful on Epsilo, BTW) but as others have said that doesn’t prevent any meaningful difficulty if you get creative.

Supposedly they are supposed to increase jump height if you jump off them, but I tested and that doesn’t seem to be implemented yet.

If this were minecraft, I’d say that they are anti-water-griefing countermeasures that the smart architect should build into his buildings. Not sure if Boundless has any plans along those lines.


thanks azurehelios i get some just to have em lol


Been working more on KrakenDown, the solum town off of Prozee’s hub.

The market:

A garden:

We were messing around with a diving board, which goes onto trampolines which launch you into the lake, you can see the diving board off the top balcony.

My place is on the right, with a lattice work that goes all the way to the floor in the style of Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto. The top is under constant construction.