Post Your Screenshots!


As the Beacons drop we’ve been expanding. Looking pretty sweet. We’ve added a few stores. Both buying and selling. And more to come.


Sneak peek :grinning:
I’m currently building a small cantilever hilltop base on Testing Dand;
using the new Lattice Frames (tetrahemi-voxels) and Glass panes.
More to follow tomorrow … :boundless:


Duskmoor is just so gorgeous, and had this beautiful planetary view there just a bit ago… :slight_smile:


WIP - On Testing Dand
My first build with the new Lattice- voxels :boundless:


:point_up_2: Amazing! Building in Boundless is getting ready to reach a whole.nuther.level! I can’t wait to see what everyone does with the new goodies when they hit Live :open_mouth:


I just want to build a bathroom with the new “pipe” chisel. My diaper has got to be really full by now :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


That’s pretty epic looking. I like it. I can’t wait for this to hit live. Looking at some of what you have done with this build gives me some awesome ideas.


I imagine @catfud will do some similar things. The one house they have can now have proper looking pipes.


1x2 portal that you can “flush” into lol


yep, gonna have to call the plumber in and get all these pipes replaced…time and money, my friend, time and money…

some quality work there, @Odeon …this patch will be game changer for builders


I was thinking about the house with the gift shop.


ahhh yes…too many builds :frowning:


I already dunno how to use chisels very well and have been putting it off to “solve” at a later time…
I keep taking screenshots of cool chiseled builds for reference, but every time, my brain shuts down lol

for now, the build is unrefined but the shape is there I guess!


It looks great without being chiseled!

My only advice is start with a repetitive section of the build. By the time you are done you can do it blindly then move on the the more challenging bits. I know it can be intimidating at first but once you get the hand of it I am sure you will be as addictive for it as I am.


thanks- yeah, “intimidating” is exactly the word! :sweat_smile:


I recommend you also have a chisel forged with unchiselling when doing the chiseling work; it’ll save a lot of grief on a detailed build, I’ve certainly appreciated its addition to the game. :smiley:


Without wonky trigger :joy:


Massive WOW! :heart_eyes: Love the build and everything about this shot. This would make a great wallpaper! Beautiful work!!


Never. Ever. Again.

Not on anything. Not even for free.

I might take a free tool with bouncy feet. But not wonky trigger.


May I know which planet is this screenshot taken? I have been looking for a place that mirrors the lighting on Andooweem. I am hoping its not a T4 or higher planet, and it has good ping from where I am playing from.