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sunrise and night over Moria


oh oh I just loved the way the horizon blue-shadowed against the moon


Hello! This is only my 2nd build - but I’ve looked at most of the creations in the major areas/scanned through forums. I realized I wanted to challenge myself to think beyond typical constructs of “walls” and “roofs”. I wanted to create something that couldn’t be labeled like “gothic” style architecture. To begin I gave myself some limiters: 1) only basic tools (stone chisel, etc), 2) use one specific material for the vast majority of the creation, and for extra challenge 3) the build must be completely symmetrical 4) at least 90% of the blocks must be chiseled (at the moment all of them are chiseled). I ended up using stone tools and basic white rock, with a few bits of blue gleam. It is very much still a work in progress, as I only began this 2 days ago, but I have a lot of plans for it. I want this to be something people can stumble upon and think, “what alien ruins did I just find”, much like one might do in a other RPG exploration games. Below are a few screenshots to show, I will update once it’s developed further! If anyone wants to go look at it in game - COORDINATES: BERLYN, 728N -1,837E.
I’ve named this build “Aqteiql” because it sounded cool and alien-like.
I challenge anyone to find an error in the symmetry! (I counted out every block and made sure I chiseled each block identically on either side.


supernice build loving it
you always welcome to make something like that in aquatopia :wink: :wink:
if ya feel like it
now i got something to visit yay get some footfall for ya :smile:


Gotta love new surface stuff :heart_eyes:


Some shots of the Temple of Reflection I am working on. First the portal gate from the Portal Seekers Hub on Solum.

Then the main entrance, though it looks better from the gateview, but I didn’t want to spoil the view of the inner sanctum…

I’ve been working on this most of the day.The a inner sanctum, though I still need to build the pillars around the sides, but I’m not sure what shape they will be.

And here is the view of it’s backside.

I am really impressed by how cool things can be shaped using a copper slope chisel, ice and some fancy lighting. Thank you devs for making it beautiful! I’m working glacier into the floor too.


Andoweem in the morning. The wildlife is coming to life.


That sky looks great!


Burning man has moved to Aquatopia




Be aware that building with models instead of voxels will put significant performance pressure on the server (because they’re all entities) and clients (because they’re much more expensive to render).


@Dunedragon ekhm, put a campfire on each furnace for a cooler effect


One word. TOOMANYPOLYS. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


yes, lets just crash solum lol


Actually, I think that pyramid is in Berlyn. If it hasn’t moved since I found it last week.


oh did not know that. should I change it out to something else I can and will if you want. I just like the look :slight_smile:


only bottom refined gleam there now I have moved it to solum


That’s a shame. It looks really cool IMO.


maybe make it out of glass and put color gleam behind it.i just don’t have purple gleam