Post Your Screenshots!


I don’t know if what I have is pink or purple, I can’t tell, but I have around 45/50 you can have. I don’t think that’s anywhere near enough for your build, but it’s a start.


It’s raining to hide my tears and thank you for your offer of gleam. It will take 1000 up to 2000+ for each color so purple is out :sob:



Aww, sorry you had to change it. It did (and still does!) look cool.


I have recently started messing around with signs and I am loving the outcome! It’s a great way to add some art to my drab little build :grin: Also in the last pic, you’re looking at the “secret” entrance to my workshop :+1: Signs are awesome!


I used them as ceiling.


heres the instalation guide :smile:


Current project/settlement of mine. The Corporate Tower of Babel will eventually reach build limit, with an exterior staircase winding around it. I plan to build view stations at every level where the staircase makes a 90 degree turn, and encase the stairs with glass to make the ascent safer. I’m also hoping to find someone that can handle the chisel to add some more detail to it, but as I consider that thing the spawn of satan. The tower is just kinda blank for now. As for the settlement it’s called The People’s Republic of Ice. It’s located on a glacial island that I’ve been enlarging over time with the glacier that I’ve been getting from building out the road system. It’s a work in progress.


Front half rebuild :slight_smile:


The colors really stand out on your rebuild @Dunedragon It’s really beautiful!


Building another symmetrical chisel build. This one is only using precise bevel chisels and mostly glacier. There will be gleam underneath to create a glow effect, and I’ve only completed the first block level for half of the build right now. It will grow upwards.


I can just feel my gpu burning through all that geometry :disappointed_relieved: looks cool though!


Wow. You did that fast, and it looks really awesome. Plus, those rocks look purple so you didn’t even need the purple gleam. Nice job. :heart_eyes:


It’s going to look incredible with the glow underneath when you’re done.


Hope you don’t mind me using this idea in the future :slight_smile: looks awesome.



It looks amazing! I love the middle where you mirror it. Love.




Wow - looks like wind chimes. Incredible.


Found this while exploring someone is making a nice keep :slight_smile: