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miner’s delight - the beauty of moments like this


No mater where you go … there it is :joy:

@AmandaPan do you know anything about this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m innocent! points at @Rumplypigskin


you two are trouble :smiley_cat:


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other side

I think i’m addicted to those textures, lol


Ruby in red rock looks cool. So does gold in yellow on Nasharil.
Hard coal is the best though. Black gems lol.


I visited this place while randomly exploring in solum. Pretty cool build, nice job!


Corporate Tower of Babel has it’s staircase again. Now, just need to get it finished…


Greetings from the top of the world. Well… almost…


NO MORE VISIBLE DIRT!!! I’m kinda torn about it honestly. I like it, but the rocks and the random patches of uneven height kinda bug me. The current grass textures are perfect for wild lands, but I’m kinda hoping for a refined grass that’ll look more like a well maintained lawn. Trying to decide if I wanna do a path from the front door to the street, and maybe a few trees and some vegetation to liven it up a bit…

The street layout of Aquatopia Corporate were heavily inspired by the street layout of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. With the roads running north to south being named avenues, and roads running east to west being numbered streets. There are a few minor exceptions to the naming convention in Oklahoma City, but for the most part it’s set in stone. I try my best to make sure that the striations in the refined metamorphic block are all in the same direction. The basic thought behind that is the streets of Aquatopia Corporate are the remains of an ancient city, and the striations are the result of glaciers advancing and retracting due to an ice age. This is also the reason why I’d probably punch a baby for a block rotation tool.

Each tower / residential plot is exactly 8x8 plots wide, with 6x6 building area surrounded by a 1 plot wide road. The plot at the top of the picture doesn’t have it’s road completed yet because an beacon belonging to an inactive player is preventing further construction. The layout even allows for attraction plots that are larger than 8x8, but those must adhere to strict guidelines of width and length to ensure that the road is able to reconnect and continue flowing. You can ask @the-moebius about how long it took me to approve his request for a larger plot for his theme-park. My reaction wasn’t pretty at first… However, I tinkered around with a graph, came up with the height and length requirements and it worked out. I’m super happy with the project. it’s amazing to see everything come together.

Disclaimer: Aquatopia does not condone the punching of babies…I’m just frustrated and need coffee…


Hey man in the basicskill option is rotation option turn it off it will help alot


So, I’ve been spoiled by modded minecraft, so that fix isn’t good enough for me. I actually have an alt just for that reason, and it never fails that I’ll run into a situation that I want to place something counter to what he’s able to place. Then, I’ve gotta burn the time to jump to the sanctum, then switch characters, then move my main from his current location to where my alt was working. It’s builds up to a frustrating time sink that could be solved by an enhanced skill that allows me to place a block and click a button to lock my placement orientation to that until I click the button again, or a tool to rotate the orientation of a misplaced block.


I think someone is confused how the plotting system works…


That was much funnier to me than it should’ve been :joy:


imagine 1000plot build :open_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:


:rofl: oh man me to :joy:


Cheat code found???


Hahhhaaaha hahahaha lolz funny


There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.


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