Post Your Screenshots!


Looking good :slight_smile:


Mountain BEGONE!!!

Going for a tiered city kinda thing. Three zones at different levels…


Walking around my Home during Sunset with the UI off while it’s snowing and the Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack is running and everything looks like ART!


Where’s your home at? I want to visit this beautiful place :no_mouth:


I’m happy you like it! :blush:

I have a unique looking portal at moebius plaza (Therka):


found some :smiley: and do we need them in the new update?



Yes very much so. Hang on to them, you’ll need them :grin:


How many are needed for 1 machine?


Generally 3 Components for a normal Power Coil or 6 Components and 1 Device for an Advanced Power Coil


Ah ok, that’s reasonable, I’ve found a couple of devices already so far so at least I’ll be able to make a start when the update comes :smiley:


New addition to the City. Im pretty happy with how it turned out. It will be the prize center for an upcoming easter egg hunt in honor of “Ready Player One” thats coming out at the end of the month. Still have a lot to do though.


Well, i think @Kirinvar place is must see for all players for lessons and inspiration. Really, pretty awesome build. Pure neatto!

giphy (1)

PS: Today i died like a true warrior - smashed by a random meteorite landing on my head :weary: Music in my headphones was too loud, i didn’t hear a thing before hit, lol. KAPOOW! Now i need new pants… :persevere:

PSS: Word for this kind person, who dropped for me 5 healing brews while i was afk (i was very low on hp), typing these post on second display.

Cheers, mate!



ahhh love this area


ohhhhhh so pretty



power at 5400

and the power lines will kill ya I fond out the hard way lol so I brack machine to repair or I could move the machines apart more


More prettys




That there is 'stock footage if I’ve ever seen it.


feels like im in japan with the pink leaf falling and I’ll love it :smiley: idk if you guys/girls can see them on the shot :slight_smile: