Post Your Screenshots!


These atmospheric particles (idk what to call them) adds a ton of value to the beauty of the worlds! Yesterday I stopped for a moment just to admire how beautiful they are (especially the cherry blossom and the smokes!). Really well done!

Now, could you guys please allow us to increase the render details of distant blocks? This should just be on the client side so let us play with it on our own risk? :smile:


This is how I am going to handle the coils. I like a clean minimalist look, so this is my stealth install.

Power coils

I get ya. And you stay away from being electrocuted.



Workshop in progress. I realize it will take me a long time to get all machines hooked up with coils :stuck_out_tongue:

Power coils

Great build @Swede :sunglasses:
Not surprised after seeing your portal for the competition. It will get my vote for sure and if there is a competition for engine/machine set up you will get my vote too.


Thank you for your kind words. It was hard work, but also rewarding. :grin:


Hey man i got tons off cord contact if you need some on discord


I have begun to collect :smiley: awesome to see the sorage to fill :slight_smile:


Yes please!

Always nice to relax and take in the view after some hard work.

Edit/ The last image is actually composed from several screenshots.
I used Hugin.


Sometimes, Septerfon has it’s moments.



oh no a Diglet ^^



you get this if you click the B key I hear.


the yellow dots is beacons / clamed areas


Beauty Overkill

(What are you doing to me, Devs :sob:)


why hahaha tipical duneman


Stares over huuge warehouse full of goods
Eats raw starberry…

I’ll leave a stew or two for u in the leafbowl man haha


haha yea havent started making the food yet


We’ll have you feasting like a god in no time!
Okay maybe a demi-god. Okay maybe Demi Moore. At the end of the month. On a diet. Of raw starberry. Damn.