Post Your Screenshots!


dune keep this location secret and show it to me =)


So here is a screen grab of Abyssa, the underwater city I’ve been working on. The vertical shaft is the first thing I built to get to the seafloor, it will eventually become a portal hub location. The large building is my workshop, bottom floor, and Abyssa - Coal & Fuel on the upper floor of it. My next phase is a 34 plot building that will require almost 17000 pieces of sand to be dug out to get rid of that water :slight_smile:


vulpto hunts

wet boots experience


loving the new wood


Somehow reminded me of Tomb Raider 2…


Damn thats old :smiley:


Neither beast nor man shall know his victory this day, only their own loss.



Love the mask, how long ago was that? I’m assuming it is in the past because that is an old model of the lance, right?


I can see beveled blocks and new weather effects in the background.
I sense Captain Photoshop here.
But it looks really really great!


Quite right, I wonder then? Ninja photoshop skills? it is extremely convincing!


Oh how times change

Popsicle boys a month and a half ago.

Popsicle boys today


aww there is a storage limit


Synchronised agro





I’m so in awe with pretty much all your screenshots, they are so beautiful.


The game is beautiful so everywhere I look I see beauty.