Post Your Screenshots!


How do you do screenshots? Is it part of the steam overlay? I tried printscreen doesn’t work great.


press f12 to take a screen shot. press . to remove your HUD first for a nice clean shot.




I have a thing for doors and perspectives.
(And the tension between warm and cold light.)


It’s almost like an abstract painting …


Stairspainting by Escher :slight_smile:





Hey peeps! Today I’d like to bring to you a spammage from Vena V. Our tiny village has hit capital of the planet! (due to a break from the big builders :wink: ) So for a verry limited time, I present to you, the unlikely capital of the barren world:

Our High Way will keep you above the smog that plagues so many towns these days:

We aim to build IN the environment, not OVER it

Current builds include the following -
Our fairy garden with tranquil seating for quiet contemplation, where life from all worlds has come together

The BCON BRGR franchise headquarters with the not-quite-famous-but-referenced-a-few-times Tower of Power

The work in progress (soon to be greater) great hall

The Fairy Forest with mini trees for mini viewing pleasure

Every settlement has its angels and demons, ours have their own spots

Even some space for future hustle and bustle market stalls

So come visit the smallest big city on Vena V, Treetop Dwellers! We even have a working bell tower (admittedly it only shows one time - party time!

See you soon!


I like the double meaning there. :sunglasses:


My alt’s Ranking ;D



Awesome build by Liveey

you can see this at
-948N 1,651E alt 176 on Vulpto at Toxic Town and you can fill your potion and food needs when your there :slight_smile:


Different Perspective:

(credits ofc to @Liveey )


I want to see it after chiselling too :smiley:


Wow that second-to-last one!


No activity here in this thread for one day. Unacceptable. Have you visited my Kappa Sigma frat-house / outdoor veranda and wet bar in aqua corporate dist? If not here is a small sample.

And across the street is the house my son and I built! It looks like THIS: