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randomly linking @FiniteCrux


Nature lamp (Munteen)


Nice touch one could say.


how to level up your alt fast. PS they cant kill you on ice, so go to Epsilo and try this.


Haha. Look at this. I usually do it on Septerfon but I also went to Epsilo several times.


I was looking for tech components. I will take that too:








Therka Market




So a few things have changed today… Do you still think fibrous plants don’t drop fibrous leaves? Do you still think yucca plants do?!
Have a look at some of the random things that stole me away from wood mining on Andooweem today:

  1. Creatures are now kind enough to inform you that they’re drowning

  2. Flowers now have cool names:

  1. Surface resources have new more interesting names:

And so far, this one seems to be a mean tongue twister -

The list isn’t complete, feel free to add your own discoveries!
PS Love to the Devs for these tiny but essential changes. Always bothered me that cacti had the same name the universe over :smiley:


Hah, drowning now gives you a visible status effect :wink: that’s why they kindly announce it to us :stuck_out_tongue:


do they make different sound too? till now it was typical taking damage sound they made when drowning - just imagined them going blurp, bloop bloop…


hahaha wasn’t even listening for a blubble bloop but that would be so funny. Noticed the stone bow makes a nice deep sound now - hand-catapult.


Caught this on my screen while working on my build in Epsilo.