Post Your Screenshots!




(IGOOFY)The light in the back, guess what it is. :smiley:


Looks like the base for my current project. :grinning:



@Cirlex, what planet is that? its too cool!


It’s a planet in the world builder that I modified a little


Just goofing off:
:musical_note:Spidecuire, Spidecuire, does whatever a spidecan :notes:


Storm’s Respite


House Building Competition Come and join build a house for your oortian there is 750k in total prizes and reward for just participating.



Which world config was this?

To give you and anyone else reading this a bit more information, some of the world configs in the world builder support randomisation. The world that has been produced here has been produced from a certain seed. You would be able to open this exact world up for yourself in the world builder if Circlex has not changed the seed. This world will probably not feature in out final worlds unless we use the exact same seed to generate it. Looks really cool though if I do say so myself. I like your colour palette choice!


@Tobelawe All I did was take one of the preset worlds and changed the block colors. I just tried to make it as alien-looking as possible. Sadly I don’t remember which world it was, but its the one with trees with ice-leaves :stuck_out_tongue: And I didn’t change any seeds.



snowstorm pushing snowflakes inside my cosy Power House - should have installed door (but then again I can’t craft that shape)


The ship is a ghost, already the gloves have run …


spot on…




The Munteen transfer station collective at meeting


i need those tree for the japanese district