Post Your Screenshots!


i was on Elopor just now and saw this

GASP! THE END IS NIGH and all that

Eloportas in all its blurred glory (since the GFX updates!)




This game. I fond this I did not make it. :smile:



tell me you did not just find that randomly and you actually chisled it lol


I did not do it. I fond it just like that



What i like the most atm about boundless is starring at the sky.


who’s the lucky person? someone seems all loved up today :stuck_out_tongue:

only when its not directly at the sun or moon (darn the lack of God Ray options!!!)



SPOILER ALERT! (hidden achievement)

Because it wont let me [-spoiler] screenshots…

A Close Call = Defeat a Creature with only 1% health left

Am i the only one???

It did play by the OP rules… but as i say the [spoiler] code wont let me do it to my screenshot :frowning: so ask me to remove it if you want


I see you were in my build. Other than the copper, any suggestions?


Its official… max build height is 255 blocks (you cant put anything at 256)


That’s my favorite chisel shape by far. Have used it several times. :sunglasses:


You take the 256 spot and your head is even at 257. :sunglasses:


i see what you did there…


What did I do? :sweat_smile: