Post Your Screenshots!


Finished the Tower of Gaia this weekend. You can reach it by the portal at my house in Aqua.


Heading home after a hunt, hope that warp is big enough to fit us all through. :grin:


If imitation truley is the sincerest form of flattery… then behold my ultimate complement to the boundless team. I present the Lutrion Sanctum.


That is cool! Great job, how often did you have to return to sanctum for reference? :joy: :ok_hand:


Far to many to count to start then duh, realised i had a second PS4 to login with and use that one for reference while I built mine.


The beginning of my overseer statue. Not much to look at yet though lol


Whatcha got there?

All these hands…


my new factory floor… 3k power for refinery and extractor, 2100 for compactory, 1500 each for mixer and workbench…soon to come another 1500 for workbench and 1500 for forge


maybe that’s all that remains of the Oortians…


first time i saw one of those hands it creeped me out…then i noticed the were everywhere under water…think i was on Delta


I love my basement workshop <3


Yeah yeah but when I’m alive you don’t want to know me.

Stop gloating, you feathered gits.


Mushie guard.



Hi Guys , loving the game .


This reminds that, though it’s not realistic, I really want to be able to chisel glass!


hay bones loving your build


dang wanted to be first modern build here you beat me to it looking epic


Thanks for the kind remarks , I’ll post another pic after I mine a ton more rock .


I was surprised that we can’t cut glass since lamps and gleam cut with a chisel .