Post Your Screenshots!


Maybe a special skill or forged boon is in order? Eh @james? For the chisels and glass.


Yeah only diamond can cut glass… wink wink

Edit - irl


cool, where is this?


It has something to do with the transparency of glass. I did a quick search and could not find the developers response to chiseling glass.

I will agree, if it was possible, I would be using it a lot.


transparency in big meshes is allways tricky because of the z-sorting problem, i thought thats just the reason for non chizzebility for glass in boundless. but if we can chizzle with gem chizzles this would be cool


It is on Beckon in Aquatopian Embassy City on east side. there is a portal in the big pyramid



Finally! A reason to carry my totem around again! I don’t recommend trying this until you power your centraforge though, it’s pretty expensive with just maxed stats.


Finally finished first phase of a project :sweat:


I sold this to an alt(for 0c) for an experiment, so I can’t say if the price actually reduces, but I still thought it was cool that there was a warning.


It’s you making the gleam towers! I knew it!


You know nothing Pseudo Nym :stuck_out_tongue:

Inverted tower though. But it will be glorious in the end haha


phase 2: more gleam :wink::joy:

Spoygg is another Prozee acccount, me thinks :grin:


if it’s different color does it count as a 2nd phase :thinking:


it sure does… it’s when you switch between raw and refined when it doesn’t :grin:





pretty … :open_mouth:


it looks a bit worried though :slightly_smiling_face:



A landscape in Delta Cancret