Post your Videos of Boundless!


Hello! I would like to start a megathread for everyone to post their videos of Boundless gameplay if the moderators are ok with it.

Here’s my first submission:


pc users hit enter to open and close chat. not sure how ps4 users chat.
… and… omg you walked past a bunch of desert swords without harvesting them :scream:
your gonna want those for higher tier tools.
welcome to boundless :smile_cat:


That breaks every early access players hearts always haha. Those leaf were gold back then.


I know. It’s slightly painful, but they are literally everywhere now…and yet I still grab each one that renders on screen with a an evil little grin and my precioussssss whispering in my head.





ok this is not my vidio but this guy is my six year old sons favoret person in the world! he normally plays mine craft.
just wanted to share :smile_cat:



Quick little look around Laputa! This has actually changed a little bit since I made this video though


Very nice, I like the Hayao Miyazaki reference


Aba bo! (/clap)


Here is an updated video of Laputa!

So a lot has changed!

The second ring level will be a thorn maze (designed by @Bryethewizard) with a glass bottom to encourage multiple people to help each other get through. (I will be holding a community event when it is complete with teams running it against each other!)

Out the portal to the left is a small cafe area with tables, chairs, lanterns, and decorative wood floors. How fancy :wink:

Out the portal to the right is my giant piggy bank! He will house my valuables and eventually be the shop where I sell gems and whatnot!

Straight out the portal and down the stairs is a small little viewing area so people can look around!

Let me know what you all think!


Only streamed my n00b steps into Boundless, but the VOD’s should be on my YouTube channel too. Might try to make my own little series out of it though. Just need to make sure I get some friends in the game or find new ones in game to play with :slight_smile:


Travel to the capitol city of your planet (should be an orange square on your compass I think) and you’ll make lots of friends


Quick speedy up montage of me building my Medieval Blacksmith shop. It’s actually based off a tutorial by AndyIsYoda a Minecraft Builder on YouTube.

Let me know what you think.




Boundless - S1E01 - Getting Started in Boundless


Nice video mate, I enjoyed what I caught of the stream too :+1: