Potential ps4 player question

Hi all, I’m close to pulling the trigger on this game. The land claiming, building and player’s shops is reminding me of Second Life, which I was obsessed with back in 2005. I like games that allow creative input. My question is about the two versions available. As I haven’t played I have little idea how worth it the bonus items you get in the deluxe version are. Are they worth the extra £17? The 10% bonus to beacon plot balance sounds the most useful?


Of course it is a personal choice. I like to have the extra plots because I like to build. If you want to be a hunter or a crafter, the extra plots might not be worth it. BTW you can create alts and have more than one character. If you do they would all get the same bonus on plots.


Yes I want to build and sell stuff mainly I think. I’ve decided to get the deluxe version. Will get it this aft. Any advice on what to do initially joining at this stage? Just find a quiet spot to learn the mechanics or go exploring for inspiration? Or a bit of both I suppose!

Also, is there anything I should be aware of when choosing server?


Servers don’t matter really, each planet is a server and they are all, I believe, connected via player made hubs so you can easily travel to different planets and settle there if you find one you like better!

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The main thing you need to consider with regards to which server you choose is how good/or bad your Internet connection is. Boundless requires quite a good connection without packet loss, even though other games might be fine this game is pretty demanding in that respect. I ended up upgrading my standard broadband which I thought was ok at the time to fiber just to play it smoothly, but as @zdazzle said you can easily find a portal network and just hop to another planet which is essentially another server if need be.

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That could be an issue then. As we are near the exchange we were down the list when they put in fibre around here and years later we’ve still not got it! I’ve given up hope. The PS4 is plugged into the line though to avoid using the WiFi. Downloads come down at about 4 gigs an hour.

It’s really annoying. My 75 year old parents have super fast broadband and get no use out of it. Complete lottery! /rant over

Try using sourceforge website as it tells you what your latency/ping, download, upload and packet loss is like then you can take a screen shot and ask the Devs or many of the knowledgeable people on here if the connection looks any good.

I used to have an app on my iPhone that did that. Will check it out. I have played lots of MMOs over the years and have less problems than I used to with lag since avoiding WiFi and changing isp.

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Just got these results using speedtest on my iPhone:
Download 10.2 mbps
Upload .59
Ping 32 ms
Packet loss 0%

Looking in support forum people with speeds much faster than mine seem to be having problems so maybe I should hold fire for now. Thanks for alerting me to it!

I’m no expert and I’m not sure but I think your land line broadband will be very different from what you get on your iPhone.

No the speed of our line is only around 11 mbps. Pitiful in this day and age and we can do nothing about it! I might have to stick with NMS!

Ok I took the plunge. The deluxe version. Just downloading… even with my ■■■■ internet it’s only going to take 25 mins! Could be a weekend binge ahead!


Heh - Good Luck man ! - Also remember to ask if you got questions about anything on here in case you get stuck on anything :slight_smile: !

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Joining a discord guild is also a really great resource for the questions you’ll have.


When I try logging into discord on my iPhone it says it needs my phone number for proof I’m not fake or something. Is this usual?

It’s beneficial for security purposes. Discord is widely used and safe, I wouldn’t worry about it (:

I’m in! I’ve had unstable connection alert in the top right a couple of times. Is this usual at the moment or is my connection going to be a problem?

They are working on the servers currently I believe

What world are you starting on ?