What kind of potions are to be expected in Oort-Online?
Will there be any, anyhow?
Battlejuice, Warsaft. Poort, Waqua. Fluglue.
Gleamglitter. Dovebeer, Monkbrew. Mushmush. Lemonale, Gingerade

I’m so crool :expressionless:
Fireflies are a must tooo. Maybe an epic journey through the world of Oort like in Jason and the Golden Fleas :sunny:

…huh? I’ll have what ever he’s having!


I’d actually like to see food and drinks.

Potions maybe for small boosts for hp/mp regen to underwater breathing and stuff like that.

As I mentioned on another post at some point, I don’t think that there should be instant-heal, instant magic, etc, but varying regenerative potions. The stronger the potion, the faster the heal, and the longer the heal time. I think it would bring both uniqueness and a challenge.

Ya, I also think health doesn’t regenerate after a battle either, like you can sit down and eat. Like food of a lower quality will give you more HP back than a HP potion can regen. So people would take food for travels, where as potions in case they need to run and regain HP back.

Eating food and getting attacks will disrupt your eating and you won’t gain the full HP amount given by the meal depend on how long you have been eating it.

yeah the post he mentioned was mine, it took quite some time to write it up, you can take a read if you are interested, since it also covers potions, also i think it would be better to cover the discussion about healing/food there, rather than here :smile:


Cool, thanks. I forgot where I posted that >.<

I’m having a bad case of lasanity today. Respectively, lasagna :confused:

Battlejuice, part of this complete breakfast
*featuring knuckle sandvich and slaughtermelon

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