Power coils connect to machine bugged when craft time didn't reduce


workbench without advance diamond coils. to craft mass advance diamond coils show take 5 hr 50 min after i add 1800 power and it went up to around 11 hours to craft. then i add 3600 power to it and it reduce back to 6 hr 40 mins and coils nor machine are fulled repair


I don’t have a good answer for you but want to ask if you went ahead and began to craft them and saw a difference in the time it would actually take to complete. There are still a lot of small glitches and bugs being worked on and I recall when we went live a week ago some of my times changing to lower craft time in the queue but not reflecting the changes in the menu. If it helps you compare and narrow the problem it takes me 2:30 to complete a stack of 5 advanced coils. I want to say the top picture is feeding you bad information and the middle pic is closer to what you should expect. The bottom pic feels like its just bad info relay.

If this problem persists and you feel like something is still foobar leave a message in “bugs/glitches” post and make sure the developers are aware of the issue. I am sure they are and will get to it as soon as the major gameplay issues are completed :slight_smile:


its for mass craft. its suppose bt around 3 hours, i do recall when i craft for guild over about 2 week ago… its glitch and bugged after patch…


I’m experiencing the same problem with increased crafting times, since patch 198, on all machines that have advanced power coils attached. For example, a mass craft of compact peat before the patch took around 6 minuets, it’s now taking 17 minutes 25 seconds! Also comparing identical machines, after the patch, the only difference being power coils, the spark required for compact peat on the coiled machine is 1742 as compared to the machine with no coils costing 2500 spark. This is happening across all my machines. It appears that the bug may be causing a decrease in spark cost, instead of the decrease in crafting time.

First image is the machine without coils, second image is machine with coils


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Is this maybe just a display issue ion the recipes tab? does the issue still exist if you actually queue up the item and look at the time on the queue tab?


Yes, it still same when do mass craft. I do recall that before the patch 198 it’s were 3 hr mass craft the advance coil


Mine have all gone up with coils too, but I figured I just hadn’t noticed what others noted elsewhere which is that recipe times have increased - perhaps that’s it?


in my option it could be bugged… i dont see any from developers said about anything change toward to machine recipe etc…

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Yes, the problem does still exist when the items are queued up. The time shown in my screenshots is the same time shown in the queue. In addition, the time shown in the queue is the actual amount of time it takes for the items to craft. So, it’s not just a display bug. Yesterday, we put 2 additional coils on our compactor, and they had the same effect of reducing the spark cost, but not the crafting time. The spark reduction is also not a display bug as I’ve noted the available spark and then how much was subtracted when and item was queued.


this is still happening…
coils added beyond the power requirement are extending the crafting time rather than reducing it.

crafting time: 2h 42m

crafting time once queued with 500 extra power: 2h 42m 42s


The original post back in September 15th was about the crafting time being increased for the Workbench when more power coils were added. That should have been fixed back then unless it’s occurring once again.

Did other machines have the same issue, or was it just the Compactor that you’ve noticed this with?

Edited to say that the original issue was about the Workbench.


I only just started placing coils so I never saw any fixes for this and so far only have 2 machines coiled up but not enough power to be over the recipe requirements. I will let you know when I get more coils :S