[Praxia] --[T7 - Savage Umbris Exoworld]-- [Inactive]

Been gleam farming the location I shared. May or may not be the best location for it but no meteors landed near it to impede it. Ended up with 12 smart stacks in total.
I just ran a long 2 lines. After I finished the run ended with 90. Threw around 5 or 6 regen bombs. Rinsed and repeated. Felt way more efficient than standing in one spot spamming regen bombs and was a little more safer as I could avoid the animals in the process.
Put music on to help pass the time or chat with friends in discord to take the edge off.


Wow that must of taken a long time. I think I saw your icon near me ish. If you noticed you probably could see a bunch of dead characters close by that’s me. So much death now

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Not really.
I didn’t do it in one sitting so I can’t give an accurate time. Once I got the path down I blitzed through it.

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@Hazel1558 12 SS of exo exclusive hard to farm gleam, impressive, looks like @Fante got a worthy successor :smiley:

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Trust me I’m not completing it’s not my style. I just wanted to share how I got it incase anyone else was struggling. Different ways to obtain. If it came across as gloating it wasn’t my intention, honestly just wanted to help. :innocent:

Well, i need 1145k of that gleam so, if someone what to sell me some…

Trying to complete my collection for my little farm :slight_smile:

How many is it you need? 1,145?

Not sure if I’ll be able to get over again but if I do I’ll try pick some up.

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Yah know I forget we can regen on exos…

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