Pre-Launch universe and 144

Is there anyway we can play the previous univers at all? i really want to experience what it used to be!


3 colors of Gleam

many MANY less craftable blocks

Less tools

no farming

… i still have flashbacks =(. You might wanna play the old planets, but not the loss of what comes with them =P


the reason i am wishing for them back statse that i remember what it used to be :wink: i mean the actual pre universe fully… All devs have archives for old worlds etc :wink:

Remember the non forced leveling systems? (hamemr a rock… get better with hammers… axe a tree… get better with axes… etc also… YES the gfx WAS better :slight_smile: )

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I soo wish I could be good at everything on a single character =(

The whole swapping characters and skill pages thing doesn’t make the game fun for me. I dream of a truly Boundless experience!


Was just thinkin that earlier, I miss Berlyn! I do like the game now as it is tho :sweat_smile:

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