Pre-orderder and registered; now unknown


So I pre-ordered Oort a long time ago and registered to activate my trailblazer title. Now it’s been a while and maybe I missed something, but when I ask for a password reset my e-mail is unknown. I re-registered, but I’d really like to tie the game to my username.

Trailblazer is that you get the game for launch, you technically dont own it yet, you need to pay 20 dollars more if you want to own it :slight_smile:

EDIT: apologies, i answered the wrong question i guess. yeah that is odd @ben @james

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Trailblazers will get access to the game once it hits 1.0 (the official release.)

We will contact you with all the details when the time comes. (If you created an account for this forum with the same email as your purchase then we’ll automatically link everything up.)


Thanks for clearing things up! Glad to hear I can keep this username :sunny:

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