Precious Oort and how not to waste it

signs with directions and paid ads (coins) at big hubs.
instead of fuelling a portal to every place, begging for oort and complaining, we could add panels and boards with directions to portal hubs, malls and favourite places that are 2 or more doors away. simple, color coded such as :#lilac: (color code for forged stuff, for example) portal A > portal B > portal C

it’s Ultra rare after all :slight_smile:


All oort should be converted to decorative oort and dropped off at my base. That is all.


No thank you. I will stop using a hub that starts posting adverts all over the place.

it would be up to the hub owner to keep things non-hideous and interesting. could be on the side somewhere

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Unless the Advert is a joke of some kind or about „adult paraphernalia“, I am not sure how it would be interesting. If it is the latter, then by all means.



Your grounded, your in a time out!

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But mom…I’ve been so good lately!

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Never will I forgive you!

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This idea does have potential and could be expanded on in so way .

I have had ideas to make a sort of shop index for a long time now. Have 1 place that has 1 sign per shop/place, with detailed instructions on how to get there.

The hard part would be keeping it organized.


I meant more like neatly organized by categories, maybe in a separate room, deep underground, behind a tree, non mandatory benign little wall of tips and suggestions. and we won’t call them ads, for that is a sure way to get hit by a pitchfork in the eye :smiley:

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sure it will be more work, but maybe not that much more if they are only by request (check if the route makes sense, put up a sign, run it once every other month to see if it still works)

Don’t worry @Ratchel, I’m totally going to farm it all myself. There is no way I’ve been selling all that sap to save up 100m coins to purchase all the oort at 500c apiece for the next three months and turn my name into a swear word for the community…

On topic: Its a lot of work. We did stuff like this in EA and it was hard to keep track with a smaller playerbase. It turned into a full time job for people then and it would be a lot more work now. Its an interesting idea, but we open up new portals everyday.

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Just combine all the networks in to one and everyone share their oort. Lmao did I just say that…



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@Apt Would you be interested in creating labeled locations tokens to all the best places in the universe for me? Paid work of course! Then I can create a universe city directory with location tokens on the bottom side of Legendton! Then you could also sell/give sets away to others interested :slight_smile:

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Interesting. May I ask why?

I’ve had numerous players ask me if they could please pay for a sign/billboard somewhere, but I haven’t said yes to anyone yet.

I remember Merika used to have them along the roads and tunnels here & there (This tunnel brought to you by “XXXXX”). I always thought it was kinda cool

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Yeah thats what i had in mind.
By organized, i meant, how to keep things easy to find.

I reckon the most common business case being:

  • person know about a shop, but just knows the shop-name.
  • person knows how to get to my index

So then how do i present these signs in such a way, that this person can find the sign easily, without having to go past every sign?

Some form of order is needed, but will be very hard to keep things alphabetized (sp). With the constant changing of people being active or not, shops being added and removed, it’ll be a nightmare to keep that up.

If I want to buy something, I will go looking for it myself, I don’t need my life filled with stuff that is trying to sell me things I don’t want, I proactively avoid adverts and salesmen/women as much as I can, unless the advert is designed to be a joke or nightmare fuel then I at least get some amusement out of it.