Prefab Gallery

We should have thought of this earlier, but to submit prefabs, biomes and any other worlds builder creations please email Ollie at:


I just made a tree with fruit made of gleam (I didn’t know how to change the gleam color so they blend in a little much):


Just made another tree :stuck_out_tongue:



Looks like a bonsai too :wink:

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I did two sizes of the Igneous Hedrons on a middle height (40-50 blocks over a surface).

Cann’t do a third size, because it’s very buggy :disappointed_relieved:

Couple of in-game pictures


love these so much!!

Just think of the possibilities to make a grapple route with these @-@


what kind of rock is that its colored like i havent seen before

edit:igneous i see lol

ive never seen red igni

where can i find this actualy

No worlds currently have red igni. This is a player made world, not live.

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ah ok i knew that they are building their own worlds but i thougt thy are using the same materials as in live version.


The materials are the same, but the color varients just aren’t all in the live version right now.

I’m thinking of making some more of the gleam berry style tree, probably this weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

If you guys have any trees that you want made, put a picture up and I’ll see what I can do. I found a lot of nice looking ones by searching bonsai trees, so I’ll probably start with those.

It’s been a while! I’ll try to post whatever comes to mind every week during my breaks.


Looks awesome!

Just wish I could get my world builder to work - I really have been itching to create some prefabs again!


did you launch worldbuilder from steam?

What about using that weave material for mushroom stalks. I bet that would look cool.

did you mean tangle?

That’s the stuff.

Tangle is really cool. I for one jus wish for gleam colours, blue materials, and straight up black materials, and for white as a contrast as well. That’s all I want, but currently I can only see some of them on world builder.

Imagine a midnight planet where everything is black and grey, and I’ll accept blue grey to add something to help differentiate blocks so you can see stuff, but think about how cool that would be