Prestige and colors

So, today I was reading about the prestige system giving ‘bonuses’ for using non native colors. bahahahaha. I’m screwed. My planet is a lavender palate and I build in lavender. The system must hate my guts…


oh lol… right, i heard it ages ago, totally forgot :smiley:

but - raw blocks with native colors? or marble/mosaic in native colors?

did it recognizing the colors of crafted or painted blocks?

I got nuttin. I found a thread on the topic that made me think it includes marble and concrete. I’m pretty sure there’s no color i prefer my sand to be other than the gorgeous cool grey.

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this system is stupid, i think this prestige system should exclude sov planets, its clear that if im going to buy a sov and build there my city all planet colors and my builds will be in my fav colors, so for that i spent money on planet i will get 0 prestige as reward…

its not even funny :rage:

Myst i have an idea - build a huge dolden cage with lavender bird shackled inside, label cage as prestige and bird as planet colors :smiley:

something like this

Despite your Sov colors you do get the same amount of prestige as if the colors were different, it only really matters what’s in your beacon/plots.

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Yeah I think by the end of the last prestige update, color variety was probably more meaningful than native/non.

@Mystfit you were going to have some small penalty either way :rofl:

There’s been a fair bit of prestige testing and conversation over the years. It’s easy to see the effects of block variety, and if you do a ton of chiseling on an existing build you can definitely see the difference in prestige. I’ve never known of anyone being able to measure a significant difference due to changing the color of blocks.

If you have a lot built, maybe you could change your sov to something else for a month and see if you get a different prestige :thinking:

You might have to place a block or something to make it re-calculate. But that idea does actually interest me I haven’t heard of it being done. But I’d be willing to bet that someone has.

but, if prestige value is counted in the time of placing block at planet with their color checked at placing first block so question is - did the prestige value will be recounted for new native planet colors or they are unchanged as for moment of placing first beacon/block and regardless of change it will be always lavender
palette for prestige count??

so for a test, pick one color of your build, change that color at planet and look if prestige will change

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DRAT, lol.

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I couldn’t speak to the color issue specifically but the prestige of a beacon is re-calculated any time you place or change a block. It can be a 12,000 plot beacon but if you accidentally chisel the corner off of one block or just place/remove one, the whole thing has to be redone.

What I don’t know is if the color change would automatically trigger the re-calculation, that’s why I mentioned placing a block after.

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