Prestige Lottery [110c/ticket] [Ends Monday, Feb 19th]


Welcome to Prestige Lottery!

The Prestige Lottery takes place on a weekly basis and it gives you the chance to earn decent amounts of money to spend at your favorite shops! Below you’ll find general information about the lottery, as well as basket amount and participants.

How it Works
  1. You go to the basket location in Chisel Town (in the plaza)

  2. You buy a ticket (or more)(max 10) for 100c each plus tax 10c. So 110c in total. The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have at winning.

  3. You post your name on the forum in this thread and the number of tickets you bought and I’ll keep track of all of you.

  4. Each Monday, I will choose a random winner, announce it on the forums and get in touch with him in game to award all the money raised during the week.

  1. Where is the basket located?
    The basket is located at the plaza in Chisel Town. Get there from Moebius Plaza.

  2. Is this a scam for getting free money, Cosmin?
    No. 100% of the money goes to a randomly chosen winner.

  3. How will you choose the winner?
    I will use to choose a winner from a list I’ll be making public on the forums. Each player will get a number based on the order they announced their entry in the lottery.

  4. Will the raised money amount be public?
    Yes, both here on the forums, as well as in game on the basket.

  5. Why are you doing this? Is there something in it for you, Cosmin?
    Everyone loves gambling and trying their luck. As I said earlier, all the money go to the winner. All I’m earning is foot fall and recognition for hosting an awesome event! I will not participate in this.

Ends Monday, Feb 19th

Basket: 2000c
Participants: 2

See Participants

1-10. Will Crutchley
11-20. ChimeraGaming

Previous Winners

Sun, Jan 7th: Heureka - 4100c


nice screenshot art picture thingy
love the idea
and the price for a ticket is reasonable
but if i buy 40tickets is it still interesting for low cash players to buy one :smile:


Yeah was still thinking about this. Might as well just limit the number to 10. In case you buy more than 10, I’ll consider the rest a bonus to the pool haha.


Just bought 11! You know, I’m generous so I’m buying an extra one for the poor :stuck_out_tongue:

Proof of purchase:

PS: It’s actual buying price is 110 due to tax.


Thanks for participating and thanks for letting me know about the tax (didn’t notice haha)


I will be opening up a shop next door where you can schedule time with me for some therapy to address your gambling addictions that result from these activities…


I bought 10. :slight_smile:


Wonderfull idea, but i think you should keep about 1% for administration fees. Anyhow, i bought my 10 tickets


Thanks for participating. I won’t keep anything from the prize. MAybe, if in the future more people play, and we got bigger amounts, I will keep a percentage for “charity”. Like donating for the community, such as building projects, shops, etc.


wonna bet if i need that therapy?



Looks like @Heureka is this week’s winner. I need to see how I can promote this so more people join.


The lottery has started again guys, the stand is located at the plaza in Chisel Town!!!


I bought 10


10 here too


To all >>2<< people who participated at this lottery, I’m glad to announce that the grand prize of >>2,500<< coins will go to none other than Mr. Crutchley! Congratulations @willcrutchley! Before collecting your money, could you please let us know what you’re planning to do with it?


Wow, you’re rich now @willcrutchley


Woot :slight_smile: I guess I’ll buy… 3/4 of a gem tool :joy:


Or a whole gem tool at Jack and Sly’s Gemporium! Cue the catchy theme song.


Hah, shameless advertisement :joy: