Prestige Wars

I am loving the tree contest! I love seeing the community come together to build something so cool! But it sucks when it turns into a prestige war… seriously… and I want zero part in it… I just want guilds to work together :roll_eyes:


Make a guild of the tree or something and group together, fingers crossed it’ll stop in being overtaken

Great words right there…a lot of respect there.:grin:

Theres a prestige war…?
I can safely say I haven’t even checked my prestige on my two trees. If anyone is having a war then it’s entirely up to them haha this place isn’t about footfall or who has the most prestige. Long as the place looks cool it’s all good :smiley: it’s got nothing to do with guilds (only called fireborn cos of location)

Leave them to it, long as the trees are okay lol!!


If anyone has any issues please PM me and I’ll see if I can do anything about it

prestige war between individual trees, or between the forest and another place ?
couldn’t it seem like that because it’s very new and some people quickly put down fancy blocks to get their beacon to 10k before making the tree?


My tree is the prestige king.

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Tbh if a friendly prestige war will make people build bigger and better things then so be it haha long as it stays fun it’s all good lol!


I love prestige wars * _ * but only the design kind not the let’s dig a hole and dump blocks kind lol.


Wasn’t even aware it turned in to one…rather had stayed oblivious to that information too.

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I don’t think it needs to be seen as a negative, a few of the trees have underground bases so they’re bound to be high prestige. If you want to compete for highest then fair enough, but it’s not a prestige competition. It won’t affect the winners chosen, the winners chosen will be purely based on creativity and aesthetics :slight_smile:


How would a tree contest turn into a prestige war? Either the tree is sweet or not. Has nothing to do with points.


got it!!

mine is going to be made of candy!! certain winner :tada:


Prestige Wars. I think not! I showed you my build yesterday you didn’t mention anything of it. I have no buried prestige. Only buried awesomeness. Lol. Sure maybe I get carried away but I really like trees.

Sorry if you people don’t like it.
Further more I’m not close to done. There might be a giant spitter or rankor at the bottom. And hopefully a slide to the bottom from the hole in the tree.


Those who don’t like your builds have fallen on their heads and bumped around a bit more or they are just jealous because you are a fantastic artist.


EDIT: this is not directed at Gina. Just some people in the past: Oh boyeeeeeeee. What now. Finally, a spot where I have no plots and am not involved in being called a prestige something or another. Had that by some in the game that have no idea what they were taking about or where they came up with this information. Toxic people spread toxic lies. I’m open about friendly competition but not like that. I could have plotted with power there but I decided not too get involved. There is a pecking order to that place. Me and Powerman wanted a hunting network. I removed mine. He rebuilt it. Dk suggested a competition ( excellent idea DK! ) I love it! Awesome people like you all are able to come show your support for each other. Don’t ruin it with passing along whispers. It’s the whispers, without evidence that can bring down a civilization from within.

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I agree with this.
Even if there was some sort of prestige war, that’s not against the rules lol. We have a great set of people building over there and no one is doing anything wrong as far as I can see.

Underneath @georgegroeg’s base is unreal, it’s certainly no prestige dump it’s a work of art. One to be celebrated not complained about (if indeed this was an issue to anyone?)

Not really sure what exactly people are getting upset about. Friendly competition is great. But I’ll say again, this isn’t a competition based on prestige so why let it bother you anyway?

If anyone has any issues please message me

:blue_heart: :partying_face:

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I agree and I really like your build a lot. It’s not my war and I don’t want to be a part of it… I just want to be part of the Forrest. :blush:.

Are we now supposed to build small and stop using any high end blocks so people don’t start calling prestige wars? :roll_eyes:

I do not understand why so many complaints always about the wars of prestige or the absorption of settlements. This game is advertised with: Build an Empire with friends. The only way to build an empire in this game is through the absorption of settlements and the only tool there is for that is prestige. In addition to the only thing you can order, send or impose on the rest of your leadership is the choice of settlement name. I remember that the word Empire comes from the Latin Imperium and this from the verb imperare, which means “to send, to command, to order”.
If this is not the goal of the game, change advertising to something like build your city or whatever, but take away the empire because it confuses. I thought this was the objective of the game, but the biggest complaints always come for this. I think it is incoherent.