Prestige Wars

Why is anyone keeping track of prestige in a fun art collaboration? Depending on the blocks used, some will naturally have more prestige than others.

@Al3kQ1n I raised concern when they added that terminology to the game back in January, for the same reasons you mentioned. I was really glad when farming came out because they changed it to “Harvest” instead of “Empires”. It doesn’t look like the website was updated though. There are also achievements that encourage players to take over settlements & the entire planet :woman_shrugging:t3: I’m not sure how many people look at that though.


All in all it’s a great contest and community event. It’s been fun to see everyone out there. ALL the trees are amazing. :heartpulse:

Can we lock the thread? @Havok40k I do t feel it’s helpful and I would like to stop it before it goes down a rabbit hole. :vulcan_salute:

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Yes build an empire with friends. Not with strangers/enemies. Good way to chase people away from the game.

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Thread locked at OPs request.

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