Pretty Please!

So, I’m sitting here, twiddling my thumbs and trying to contribute here on the forums. However, I’m running a blank today (could be my prolonged exposure to the sun today). I have instead decided try some begging since I am lacking in the ability to discuss something substantial here.

Pretty, PRETTY please will you show us something with the races, like some concept art or maybe something you guys have really decided on? I will be extra nice all year, and give out cookies!


Give him what he wants! I want cookies!


I have been praised by all my husband’s friends about my cooking. I make a mean chocolate chip or no-bake.




My goodness that thing is adorable. I want 10 of them, hopping on my Oort land!


I made a blanket Kirby with eyeshadow :slight_smile:


I hope they add the ability to tame all sorts of Oort creatures. I think my home would be so cute with creatures, it would be sickeningly sweet.

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: )) I’d love that too. Though somehow I wonder, what is more important right now - the avatars, or the creatures. I completely lost track about what’s next on the developers’ to do list.

I think creatures is almost finished with it’s funding. Races have been completely funded, but they are still working on lots of others stuff at the same time. When it comes to our characters, I hope we have certain options, like ear-types and horns and hooves to pick from on the races.

I have been watching the video - and the main idea I got right now was that it would be cool to be able to climb up another player. Either by hopping (small character) or climbing (tall chars). Maybe it would be possible to stack up players to a character pillar. A teamwork way of reaching to higher places. Maybe it is not necessarily a must, but it would be a nice detail.


I’ll see what I can do. But I expect next week you’ll all be distracted by something else…


excitement overload

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Is it here yet…is it here yet…

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Oh my, the excitement is building! This whole Dev team deserves all the cookies!

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