Preventing combat "glitching" with grappling hooks

I was just curious if there have been any thoughts on preventing players from grappling up to tree tops or to the top of a cave and then shooting any non-ranged enemies below?

Well, I can’t speak for what the devs actually have planned, but I can think of a few ways they might re-balance the hook to make it less useful of an escape everything tool.

They have already said that the hook is currently balanced toward fun rather than how it will be used after 1.0. They could reduce the missile speed from instant to 10-15 meters per second to attach to an object, then reduce the climb speed so that you can’t instantly rocket away from danger. They could also add an energy function to the hook that slowly depletes as you use it, forcing you to use the hook more sparingly.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing to be able to use the hook to escape danger, it’s just a matter of balancing it’s utility with fun game play and making smart choices.


Which is exactly why I’m asking ;).

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I think it also could use some kind of ammo which may be expensive or just “big” in matters how much you can carry per slot of inventory. I would be happy if it would not be an “every day - every time” tool :wink: