Price check



I would like a few price checks on these items

High octane cultivator
Metal hand tiller
Spray tinter

Also getting rid of some canes if that’s stil a wanted thing? So price check on these as wel.

Red candy cane
Green candy cane

Thanks in advance!


Tried 3k, tried 2k, tried 1k. I d say at or below 800 you can sell those.

A few hundred at max.

Dont remember the recipe wasnt hard as i member, so 800?

Advertise and hand trade for max profit^^


Metal tiller sells well for 45c, spray tinter can’t remember top of my head but check the TNT superstore I spent a great deal of time working out pricing and used mayu’s shop price calculator to work things out based on the raw mat buy prices and then made allowances for tax etc


There is a shop price calculator? I figured out all the stuff on paper and from looking at shops for my windows. I am seeing people selling them cheaper than I could buy the stuff and make it. Looking forward to this next patch to maybe help out on stuff like that.


I think there is some expectation that all players that are selling spend time determining the cost of the materials used in producing an item. If a player is gathering everything on their own, then the real cost is tools and time. If someone is a casual seller then they might be more interested in making the sale then doing the same computations as other players.