Price drop at Serp Gate

In an attempt to help stimulate the economy, at least in some small way, (almost) all prices at Serp Gate have been reduced!


Workbench Power Coils 3500c
Compact Diamonds 3500c
Compact Soft Coal 80c
Teaching Pudding 150c

I also have links to all T5 and T6 planets, with minimal warps, all maintained by me.

Where to find me:

Settlement Alba on Lamblis.

Easy access via PS Lamblis, Ultima Mall 2nd floor, Chisel Knights Lamblis, Aftashop Arie, New Leyden Market Gellis, Mountain Fortress Gellis.

Any sales to request baskets are greatly appreciated, and Oortstones especially so (I buy for 175c!)

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New Leyden is on Gellis :wink:

Oops, updated :unamused:

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