Prices of iron hammers and stuff


I was thinking of playing a little more again and maybe restocking some low end items but wondered how prices had changed so looked for prices of iron hammers.
I was surprised how many stores didn’t have iron hammers.
Found four, prices varied a lot: 250, 200, 111, 100.
Apparently cloth costs a lot since one store sold sack cloth for 165 and offered 45 for fibrous leaves.

Curious why such a wide range of prices?
Are prices fluctuating a lot?
Recipes changing a lot still?

While I didn’t find many iron hammers I did see a lot of stores selling food, but many of the prices were more than I make in a week. And I don’t remember many foods that sounded very useful. I haven’t made many myself because after gathering items for the first week after the recipes were introduced, I found I still could make only about 1, some risotto I think.
Anyway, are some of the foods actually worth those prices? Say 800c or so?
Have they gotten any easier to make? I remember recipes requiring a lot of grass seed, which dropped ridiculously low rates.


I used to sell hammers at 50c. but that was before 188… I haven’t crafted a single tool since then, still using the ones I made before the update.
I would only craft what I really badly need now…
It all comes down to the difficulty of finding the simplest of ingredients coughFibscough, because we need SO MANY for all these different recipes, and so many people are out looking for them they just become rarer when they can’t regenerate… which is just another reason why we need more worlds…
That kinda ties in with why they’re so expensive… I finally made my first mass craft of persisting pies and it took
If I were to sell them, I would have to put the price too high for anyone to want to buy them. I thought of selling just meat loaf and risotto but even that takes insane amounts of grinding that its not worth it, so i just make food for myself and then its worthwhile to me.

oh and also the grass seed drops a decent amount now since one of the recent hotfixes :slight_smile:


I can speak on the food front; grass seeds are now much easier to get, and sackcloth should be much cheaper as they now only use 2 fibrous leaves (for which 45 is a decent price though at the moment).

High end foods (pies) can be very costly due to shimmering orb costs, but their frequency has also increased so prices should drop a bit once the volume increases.

Buckets being multi-use now should also improve prices marginally.

Lower tier foods are generally waaay overpriced when looking at the ingredient cost. The cost of producing stew vs risotto vs bread doesnt scale linearly although their effects generally do, the risotto being more expensive to make than it should be to place it midway between loaves and stews.

TL :DR stick to stews for basic / well fed, bread is the best value for money unless you must have that extra margin from a pie (teaching pies are worth it)


I don’t sell tools but I’ve seen iron hammers at 50, up to about 150. - Anywhere in the range of 50 is okay imho.

Places are becoming more disconnnected, at least therka, so our prices usually vary to say vulpto quite a lot, expect this to happen a fair bit as more planets are introduced, imagine a 100 planets maybe 20 with shops on, there will be trends and variations. But yeah persistant pies save you thousands in tools adding up to 90% durability with skills and teaching pies trade that extra durability for extra plots instead.


Considering Sackcloth is used in making bombs on top of needed for Cotton Cloth which is used for Request Baskets and Shop Stands, it makes sense that the price of Fibrous Leaf would be 40-45c per. The demand for it is pretty high and if Fibrous Leaf was something that dropped at least 1 of from every single plant surface resource and had a better Foliage to leaf ratio from trees, the price would drop dramatically.

So in addition to Shop Stands and Request Baskets, it’s in the Cotton Cloth recipe which is used for higher end metal tools, such as grapples, chisels, and spanners. Even is used in the Slingbows.

Hopefully it becomes more accessible before 1.0 cause it’s going to bottleneck a lot of progress for a lot of people cause it will be just as highly sought after as coal and beacon fuel.

In a nutshell, that’s why Fibrous Leaf and Sackcloth are so expensive right now and there’s no reason for such a basic material to be. Hopefully the drop rate gets improved in a future patch. :slight_smile:


This right here.

[edit] ok, I’ll bring more to the table…

  • one problem is that it’s used in too many recipes.
  • I also think that the requirement should be even less. make it 1.
  • another thing that would help is re-using sackcloth just like buckets with durability (something that I thought was implied with this comment from the 192 release thread):

Crafting can now preserve input items (for example buckets of water are now outputted as empty buckets)


All of these things might be true but the simplest solution could be to just make the drop rate for it much higher from the things that it drops from (aka: surface resources, Foliage).

I do like the idea of Sackcloth (probably Cotton Cloth as well) to work much like buckets and have durability. Although the issue with that currently in the game is how people have stockpiled the stuff and would end up having hundreds of Sackcloth sitting around taking up space that they get dozens of uses out of from each one they have. But that is irrelevant when we’re talking in the context of 1.0 and beyond. :slight_smile:


right of course. forgot to mention drop rate :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the same thing was gonna happen with buckets, but as I craft recipes the stockpile dwindles. besides if you have too many you can always sell them. but honestly i think if someone goes through the effort of stockpiling sackcloth they’d probably be just fine with it and eventually use them. I think it’ll be ok :slight_smile:


Well I don’t care if people have 600 sackcloth with durability in the game right now. I will at release. lol


Lol if the drought is that bad I’ll shut down my food shop and just open a fibrous leaf stand… call it a “health food store” or “salad bar”.


I would be a regular customer.


Well leaves are also a GREAT way for an absolute newbie (through to a seasoned player with better tools) to make money, so I am not sure i’d want them to drop too much. But yeah I remember a few hours of gameplay where they were a bottleneck back in my newbiehood.


My main reason for not selling Copper / Iron Tools is who would actually go shopping for this???

I mean you cant make you own? I could put up some iron tools but I doubt they would sell…
Currently the only tools I sell that are below Gem Quality are Silver Gold and Titanium Chisels…


I buy iron tools. Unless i plan on strip mining the base off a mountain, i go caving with iron hammers and one or 2 golds in case of hard coal or a gem. Even when i go diamond digging it’s cheaper and worth it for me to do the drilling work with iron after opening up a floor with a gem tool.

I also make my own, but I’m lazy and if the daily bread sale has gone well i treat myself to a store bought hammer (or axe, or bow…)


I actually mine with Stone Myself… 9 Stone Hammers
1 Iron for medium coal, gold, silver, large fossil
1 Gold for Hard coal, and Gems


If the value of leaves were about 10 coins each or only half of one would go into a tool then I’d agree with you there but unfortunately that’s not the case.


True lol. Hadn’t thought of that :). What do you price iron tools at, you know your stuff.


Right now, with the recent change in the crafting recipe the cost for us to craft 1 is about 75 per. We would do our best to mass as many as we possibly can in a given time so that it’s time efficient, because if you’re spending 5 minutes to craft 50 hammers while only marking them up by 20 coins each then it’s probably not worth anyone’s time when they could have gotten at least 25 leaves in that amount of time farming. :stuck_out_tongue:

Previously, we marked them up 50 coins as it was more so of a convenience buy. The cost to produce was about 130-140 so retail would be 200. We would like to start crafting hundreds-thousands at once so that we can pop them on our baskets as low as possible, but with the possibility that the recipe may change again (against our favor in the scenario) it just isn’t worth it.

Edited: a lot of spelling and grammar errors on mobile. Fixed some maths too