Can anyone tell me what is a good price point to sell metal bars at and also gems, been away for a little while and have no clue what current rates are


I know copper and iron are around 4. Silver gold 20. Titanium even less. Thats rough prices. Being melted maybe add a coin.


Adding in to the metals, gems can sell to request baskets in the values of 30-55(saph/topaz/diamond) I’ve seen a few at 80 for ruby, and eme/amethyst go for 90-120.

Lucent gems maintain some form of artificial rarity due to limited exo spawns so sell anywhere from 200-800 in some cases. I’ve had no problems unloading my lucents in the 500~ range. It’s been the minimum I’ll sell them at still. If prices are low just hold them for a week and they’ll creep up a few hundred.