Pricing questions


What is acceptable pricing for animal trophies and sacs?


Depends on the trophy. Feathers 3k to 5k. RR sacs 30-50c the rest a lot lower. @ginabean and @AeneaGames wanted adrenal glands for 100c each


where I can sell adrenal glands.


Nova golda


Does anyone still buy hopper cores?


Yes, forgers still buy them. I have a basket in my forge shop set at 300 coin from memory. It’s the key ingredient in Vigour Catalyst 2.


Think @AeneaGames does still. Nova golda coin converters. Also @Janna55 does too. But I don’t think she has a request basket for them.


mostly “forgers” will have baskets for cores. I’ve notice nova baskets are usually constantly full with coin so best bet to sell cores


Nova golda or witches brew.


ye just sold 600


Coin Converters at Nova Golda, when you enter the building of Coin Converters, it’s on the left behind the window!

Oh yes I do! Also at Coin Converters, Nova Golda!

Well I think Gina has the same problem as I had, no one was selling them to us at the lower prices.

Ohh and yes, I also buy feathers for 5k…


enjoy your feathers. if Coin Converters is your shop


Coin converters is the branding of Aenea’s request shop co-op, basically. :slight_smile:

She has the first request stand on the left, the rest are owned by others, such as myself. I do also buy cores from time to time, but haven’t needed as many lately.


I would never sell my cores lol.


Thanks, recoined it!


I had a request basket up, but accidently took out the core. My problem is that I have too many irons in the fire and not enough time to do all that I want to do.

Problem in pricing for what forgers and others will pay is caused by the outrageous prices that some shops charge. That gives the misconception that some request baskets are not asking enough for them.

Went to a shop looking to buy hopper cores; problem is, two or three shops are asking what I see as a fair price from 450 to 525coins. Then you find the shop that is asking from 1200 to 1900 coins that to me are just too much and that gives the wrong impression that when you see a request basket they aren’t paying enough.

200coins for a horn, scale and other trophies are too high, forgers can’t afford to pay such prices and make a profit. That is my problem now. Made over 300k coins from three shopping days. By the time I bought the trophies, eyes, sacs, some blood, fragments, and even gave in and bought the fleshy and inky leaves to add to what I had in my supplies to make the items to sell, I ended up with just a tad over 30k.
And the list of items I do go and collect is long. So, before you toss away some items you think aren’t worth much, check out forgers shops, they are probably asking for them.

Forgers need a lot of the critters drops, all the sacs, adrenal glands, eyes, cores, tentacles, horns, scales and much more to make the mats that are needed for forging. It takes a Lot of items. And that takes a lot of gathering which takes up time. So, for those who have the coins, it is easier to just put out request baskets and let others collect for you.

Helps out players also, as those who gather can find a shop to sell them to. From leaves to orbs to trophies, to blood, sand and soil (need that to make glass to hold the paste, gums and such for the mats) to fragments and more, they are needed.

You will find fair prices that will be given to you at @AeneaGames Nova Golda Market, I can assure you, I’ve compared to see what others are asking and her place is easy to find. There are other forgers, @ginabean I am sure buys items for her forging, and other forgers you can look and see who will give you a fair price.


I can’t remember if we have a spot of hopper cores or not, but we do have a LOT of things that we buy up in the Golden Fist shop. We typically keep those baskets pretty well stocked with coin, but it changes based on our needs.


Well i have relocated my Exchange shop and updated my prices turns out in the past weeks prices changed a lot. Some request apparently
Payed out double. Payed for 2 got 1🥴 whoops.
But now as i am updating prices i cant figure out whats the best price for coal and that damn feather (first time in shop).

See shops that are asking a lot or don’t sell or buy it any more… and im sorry but I can’t figure out that page.

So what would you guys say is a fair price for coal s/m/h and that road runner feather. Buy and sell.