Private Message Limitations?


Maybe @James or another developer clarify for me… From my understanding we are supposed to be able to private message any character and alt in the game now. That we had the ability to message people back and forth.

There is the mailbox item we can place that helps with this. But, I thought we were still able to just go in and put an @user to message them.

Does this work or must the person need to be online for this?

I ask because I am have tried to reach a few people from the name listed on their beacon but continue to get told the person doesn’t exist or that there is any way to message them.

Without the ability to message people fully (without finding that mailbox) we really have a limited functionality… I just want to know if this does work or if I am doing something wrong.


You can’t reach them via pm unless you see him near you for once and have it already activated in your PMs list.


Thanks… I guess time for a feature suggestion…