Problem with the notifications


Hello, I have a problem with the notifications.

thank you


Yep, have had this since the update too - thanks for posting a screenshot, I tried to describe it but forgot what it said!


Thanks very much for the screenshots, I’ll add this to the bug database.

Also for the text display as ‘Qu?c’, what character is the question mark supposed to show?


We have some problem with the special characters in french. Here the word is Québec. This error appears in other places too as the list of cities on the planet on the places page @vdragon


Thanks for the reply, I’ve added the extra information to the database as well.


Other things I’ve seen are the color codes of cities that do not display words in color when it’s in english and my game is in french. But if I put my game in english it’s the opposite. French color codes do not display the color but display the code before the name of the city @vdragon

My game in french

My game in english

when the game is in french we have to write the colors in french and when the game is in english we have to write the colors in english. Otherwise it gives what’s on the images

so I almost always see the codes


Someone had reported on this previously.

It’s in the database but there’s no fix for this yet.


I have another here. If you do not want more, just tell me @vdragon


Thanks, it’s got different text to the one you posted, so it’s very useful information. Keep posting any new examples




Thank you


Thanks, I added the screenshot to the database.