Problems on malurialakrib

Having major latency issues on the world I’m on alot. Built a base here and lose connection alot. I know my internet is fast. Pls fix I dont wanna move again world is lvl. 6 Malurialakrib

Maybe Malurialakrib is not the right world for you. Are you aware that the worlds are based on different locations?
Not sure if this is still serviced but it might help you with your problem courtesy of @NL-Tim

as far as i know that test is out dated now

i do know that a VPN can affect your game play a lot.

normally its runs through UDP but if you are having issues try switching it to TCP that could help (if you are running a VPN that is)

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The test is indeed out-dated and from before 1.0.
I could spent some time setting it up again if there are enough people interested in using it?

Glad I am not the only one experiencing exceptional lag on Malurialakrib :+1: though it sucks that we experience the lag in the first place :frowning:

I’ve had some terrible lag yesterday on AUS planets, they were literally unplayable…

I’ve been really lucky, so far I’ve had hardly any lag on Malurialakrib and I’m from the UK … was on for an hour this morning and the past few days with very little disruption.

We hunted malurialakrib last night and the lag was unbearable, we changed planets in the end…

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To be honest when i go to McKrib and solo hunt etc its not too bad lag wise, with the location of the server (aus) i am getting an average ping of about 200ms same on Galan and Flan.
the (us) servers average of 100-120ms
but as an (eu) player my local servers give me between 40-65ms

Had to leave this planet during a group hunt yesterday. I sometimes have connection issues on my end and I don’t generally complain. However the rubberbanding and/or locking input was enough for many players to complain, and we moved to another planet.

There was no trouble on alcyon.

for us guys in the EU and US the issues seem to mainly be these planets
Region: aus, 17 players across 6 planets
Lvl1 Lasaina, LUSH,
Lvl2 Lutrion, LUSH,
Lvl3 Boori, LUSH,
Lvl5 Flan, TOXIC,
Lvl6 Galan, SHOCK,
Lvl6 Malurialakrib, BLAST,

list care of