Problems with C++

So I just bought the game today and I used the beta code to get the C++ version but whenever I load the game in this mode it just gives me the message “Failed to start game”. Btw this is on steam and is the collectors edition if the game

Can you share the game’s log file? This will contain some details that will help track down the problem.

(Standard suggestions are: make sure the game can access the servers - it’s often blocked by firewalls and routers.)

Where would I find the game’s log file?

That log is from the JavaScript version. We only keep the last log so if you ran that afterwards it would have overwritten it. To change to the C++ branch (right click on the game, Properties->Beta and choose the cplusplus option). In Steam the game should then be listed as Boundless [cplusplus].

What displays ‘failed to start the game’? Is that a Steam dialog box or a Windows one? It sounds like a dependency is missing, Applying all Windows updates has fixed issues in the past.

Its possible its missing the Visual Studio 2015 redistributables that downloaded here.

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Its a steam dialog box that shows up a few seconds after I load the game it the C++ format

This is the log I get when I run it as C++

I get that too there should be 2 click to play buttoms try both

Yeah whenever I click on either one it says the same thing that it can’t load it or whatever

It seems its not starting at all so there are no new logs. Try uninstalling and then reinstalling it. Did you try installing the Visual Studio 2015 redistributables?

Yes I did try to install the Visual Studio 2015. Also I’ve uninstalled the game and have reinstalled it, but nothing has changed

Can you try manually running the game? It should be
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Boundless\boundlessloader.exe

If you installed it before the name change then it will be in \Oort Online\ folder.

If that does not run then it may be missing .net which steam puts in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Boundles_CommonRedist\DotNet\4.5.1

Or download it from and run the installer yourself.