Products Disappearing From Compactor?


Hi everyone!

I’ve been crafting queues after queues in the last few days on all of my machines trying to stock up my shop so I didn’t keep an eye on what items are going in and what are coming out. Today, though, I queued 6 compactors with full 30 queues each of different items. Logged in now and 3 machines wore out but had nothing significant in them with 2 machines having some items and some queues left. This could very well be my imagination but I am fairly sure i did not log in again and collect anything. It’d be appreciated if any dev can look into this. I can PM my beacon location if it’s required. In-game name is RedY3.



I can try and give this a go on my end if you are able to recall the names of some (or all) of the items that you were crafting alongside the 6 compactors.


I was crafting mostly compact iron and some compact gold and compact medium coal.


Thanks for the reply, I’ll give it a go.


I’ve not been able to reproduce this, but I’ll add your comments to the bug database anyway. How many times have you seen this occur?


As mentioned earlier i dont normally keep track of what i craft because i craft a lot but this time i could tell something was wrong when i definitely knew i queued all machines to their full capacity and repaired them to full health. Coming back later that day the machines lost most of their health and didnt have much in them. Its hard to keep track of things when u craft randomly and in a hurry to go resume hunting or building :grin: