Programming in games

…Games the devs were literally working on the night before. Business ethics are questionable right now.


clap shia

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This game is too good and unique to let end; why do companies not open source a game like Ryzom did rather than let it die?


Business has little breathing room for ethics under late capitalism, and none under the brakeless death spiral into monopoly fascism of terminal capitalism. Everything is going as predicted by an old philosopher and historian’s political economy theory detailing the raw mechanics of a powerful but dangerous and unregulatable economic system developed in a rush to profit from a colonial glut of resources before anyone else, including the locals being violently robbed of them.


Not gonna lie 99% i have no clue what you are talking about :man_shrugging:


Mmmm :thinking: Is There a “Book for Dummies” to better help Host & I with understanding :joy: :cookie: :joy:


Long story short: world based on greed = bad


Public companies (ones that are on the Wall Street Stock Exchange), require infinite growth in profits. If a company does not have more profits this year than last, there are layoffs so they can reach their growth numbers (payroll is one of the largest expenses for a company and the easiest to cut). If it happens multiple years in a row, the company starts considering selling.

That is the reality of this game. It is not worth the investment to even finish an update that is 90% done because it means missing the goal of infinite growth. Literally the only reason the servers are still on is because they are making money for them. It does not take 2+ years to do a “transition” unless you just do not care about it. The community is just being dragged along to be milked for money.


I’d agree with most of this. I have said it previously (and it pains me to say it) but if I were Monumental I’d totally scrap Boundless. The idea of trying to bring in new players to me seems very daunting for such an old game that is quite niche. That is not saying that I don’t love it still, because I do.

I can’t say how long the transition might take, but if Sony is involved, that could be a huge challenge. Sony is notorious for huge hangups, but I don’t know exactly when the transition was started so it’s hard to say exactly how long it has been.

Monumental (as far as I know) isn’t a publicly traded company, so who knows, all I know is the gaming market is in a very bad spot currently. With AI getting better everyday I foresee a lot more layoffs in the future.

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Has Monumental ever released a game? Or even an update to a game that they purchased? Are they even a game developer? Or are they just a gaming industry vacuum cleaner that hoovers up IP with a dedicated base that has hopium money to collect?

At this point releasing Boundless 2 would probably work better from a marketing perspective for creating new sources of revenue generation, but I don’t see that there is any actual reason not to do updates to the original. Unless the game costs more money than it generates, in which case I’m not sure why it is still running.

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They are VC backed. So same difference. It is all about that “fiscal responsibility” to investors. Goal is profit at all costs, not making a good game. Or building an awesome community.

I have moved on from worrying about what Monumental is or isn’t going to do, what they have done or havent done, because in the end no amount of worrying is going to change things either way.

If you like the game, I’d suggest enjoying the game for as long as you can. I quit for 4 months because I just didn’t want to invest any more of my time into a game where the current owners seem as though they care less about the game than I do. In the end though, I came back because I still enjoy the building aspect of the game and there is a certain amount of comfort and relaxation I get from it.

I wonder if that’s the same Monumental. I don’t see it saying Monty Kerr anywhere who is the CEO currently and it also states the company you linked is out of the UK.

I’ve been confused on all that :slight_smile:




Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard. Now, if only the doom and gloom people would take it…


I am committed to supporting the game through both good and challenging times. Recently, I’ve been streaming extensively on TikTok to reach a new audience and share my boundless passion. While I understand there are issues and communication gaps, I remain unwavering in my support. My positive mindset helps me stay focused on the bright side, even when negativity arises.

I’ve recently cleaned up our Discord server and guild, removing over 70 inactive members from each. After more than four years, it felt like the right step to keep our community vibrant and engaged. To support our members, I’ve given away 10 million coins on Discord and sent 250,000 coins to each guild member in-game, helping those in need. Additionally, I’ve provided resources to help many bring their Boundless projects and businesses to life. Good luck to everyone involved!

People come and go, but when one player leaves, another takes their place. I am here until the end of the servers and have faith in Monumental. While there may be uncertainties, the game is functional and playable, and that’s good enough for me :man_shrugging:

Don’t like the game in its current state? Move on or wait until there’s news from Monumental. Like the game in its current state? Let’s have some fun! Maybe a community project, anyone?


That’s what drives the power and the danger of the economic system being combed over by the philosophy, leading to seeing that the cost of externalities like everyone living in fear of one another &/or the current mass extinction event don’t get taken out of gains or go into prices in the metropole until the metropole is in deep doodoo and starts devouring its young, aka the future. It’s gloomy but the possibilities that open up after being done with it are stellar and make me want to build more infrastructure in Boundless. ;D

Buuut anyway, I’m zen about it, and Boundless is gorgeous.

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oooo, I should be able to stream now! eeeeeeeee that’s exciting!