Progress Bar

I think it’d be cool to have a progress bar on the main page at that shows the progress to the next major update of the game.

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Theres a progress bar for features, but i wouldn’t bother with a bar for updates. The Devs have a plan, but making that plan happen can’t be measured like that.

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as hiyo said, they have a bar for how close the next feature is to be funded, but when you make something they will sometimes need to start over or just completely scrap it .as they said ‘‘we look at what is the coolest possible thing to make, and if we feel it isnt cool enough then we will scrap it’’

although it has been discussed on forums and they talked about making more transparency as time went on, i will try to find the answer.

James Austin

‘‘Let us have a think about this. We’re happy to share details about progress. Guess we just need to find a simple way to share this, without it becoming expensive. I’ll have a think and try and get something online.’’

they also share animations, concept arts and ideas using the dev log catergory :smile: