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I haven’t purchased the game, but I am very interested - it looks amazing. One thing which is getting me though is there is no clear current feature list. The features on the website shows what is to come, but I can’t find any where what is currently available.

I really want to purchase this game, but I want to know what I am buying NOW. £27 is a good amount of money ESPECIALLY for an early access game, I don’t care what I am going to be buying or what it could be. I want to know what I am currently buying to justify the current product. I would appreciate it if there was an ACTUAL “current game features” some where on steam or here describing what is available.

Sorry if I missed this, and there is infact a page of this nature :3

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Right now you are buying a very basic but visually appealing game that is similar to Minecraft. There are different planets (servers) that you can choose to play on. Each planet is very unique, some will be desert planets, some will be ice, etc, etc. From here you have very basic crude tools that you can use to terraform land. Give or take there are about 15 different blocks to use to build, some of which have different layout positions you can use.

Many of use that play really like to build, whether that is our own independent towns or large common areas. If you are a type of person that can get lost in the basics of building than the pre-alpha would be ideal for you. Take a look at the thread “Jam Session on Ruchs” there you can see what a group of us have built and are currently building. If you are fan of crafting, leveling, fighting than I would advise to bookmark the game and come back when updates have been made.

My personal enjoyment comes from building and mining not so much the other theoretical “could be”. I am happy to have purchased the early assess as I play almost daily.


@ZeusXVII, that was probably the best and most concise description of things.


Other noteworthy features that you may enjoy:
Grappling hooks! Swing, climb and descend from the grapple hook as you explore the huge variety of landscapes and bioms.
Portals! Many of the worlds are connected to each other through the use of portals that allow you to seemlessly pass from one world to another just by walking through them!
Proto-type beacons! A basic griefing countermeasure that you can place on your builds that allows only you or those you give access to modify blocks in your area.