Progression help?

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So I’ve been playing this game for a week or so now, just finished my basic little castle in nasharil. but there seems to be a slight problem for me and my pal. that being, we haven’t really gotten past copper and iron items. we found some silver once, but that was it. we have no idea where to look for gems and higher level metals, and we could really use some help on progressing in general. any tips or threads that could help us out would be greatly appreciated.

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Try this.


If you dig into the surface of Nasharil you will find more metals. If you can find Cuttletrunk’s catacombs you can use the tunnels to mine. I find some gold, silver, and titanium and a decent amount of coal in there, you need a ton of coal making anything above iron.

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@onebitknightly Thanks, I’ll be sure to look for it.

@Heureka Thanks for the thread, but how do I know what biome im in?