Project Permadeath -Brown Town edition

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I could try this unlike @Bethlehem I was not a privileged noob

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Haha! Let’s get EVERYONE back! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Create a new alt, and look out for Spoodella, TheSasha or NotSasha on Gellis in a couple of hours :wink:


That’s what we hoped, we hoped people would be into this idea.

We will be streaming every night, we start today’s session in 3 hours and 20 mins. We can meet you in Gellis. I’m gonna set up a discord channel specifically for the Permadeath community and we can let you know how to find us there. We will post the rules etc in there too.


Im atarring at gellis right now in sanctum with my new toon: EternalShadow.


shadow red is our all over body and clothing colours haha just so we are easily identifiable.


My favorite color in game

will there be traps and everyone dead tries to K.O eachother?

I dont think so lol but we can try.

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I think just walking off a cliff could be deadly enough :stuck_out_tongue:

No no no no way on earth can we do that

Yeah we will have enough to occupy our minds with scariness.

We aren’t killing each other, we want to survive.

Project permadeath discord


Then I am not doing it.

Would’ve been cool if it was sorta like Demise tho. And I dont think I have an alt slot to do this.

Your loss then you blood thirsty monster

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It’s just @georgegroeg and his reaper gang (which I am apart of) doing their job.

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If this is still around in 2 months may have to give it a try, sounds like a fun time. Going back to the basics.

Hope y’all have fun with it.


I am proud to be on the Reaper wall of shame :wink:


We will have a functioning guild with running guild buffs by then hahaha


3 full buffs each for 3 factions :wink:

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Can we make multiple alts for this