Ps4 controller setup

Hi I’m getting this tomorrow and intend to play using a ps4 controller, can anyone tell me much regarding this if they’re setup using one. I used to play mc on my pc with one so I should mostly be ok, I just wonder what the game has setup as I’ve seen some posts referring to controller support.

I am not sure about the current build. I used a controller a while back when first introduced and it worked by just plugging it in.

I use a Xbox 360 controller and it is plug and play. I do not know how steam handles ps4 controllers.

Ok thanks guys I’ll see what happens soon enough cheers

We simultaneously develop with PS4 controllers so it should work. (Can say this openly now.)


Cool that sounds promising, will be trying soon enough, thanks

OK I must be missing something here. I used to use Input Mapper on minecraft to run my PS4 control, it worked ok. I disabled it before loading boundless so it didn’t conflict with any other configuration. Paired the control and loaded the game but got absolutely nothing. So I then tried again using input mapper but that seems to conflict with steam so only some functions were workable.
Is there something in steam I need to do to get this working, or is it in game, (Devs some help here possibly @james @ben ), or have I just wasted my cash as I cant play with PC controls, I’m way to old school to pick them up, I understand some things will probably need the keyboard for but I just need general gameplay working.
Any help would be appreciated.
Cheers Ando

I gave up on the ps4 controller till someone smarter than me sorts it, I just wanna play a little. I’m now using a Logitech f310 usb controller and have some input lag like another current thread, so ill try some of the tips in there to try help out.

Why don’t you just use a keyboard until the whole thing is sorted out?^^

Lol u haven’t seen me with a keyboard, the Logitech is bearable now I’ll just use that