PS4 Crashes during meteorite fights


Hello. Just posting in hopes to find a solution to my issue. During the past few weeks my game has been crashing about 50 percent of the time when I engage meteorites. It appears to have something to do with Cuttletrunks. The more Cuttletrunks the are, the more likely it is that my game crashes.

A. Anyone else having this issue?
B. Is there a way to make this stop?

I’ve stopped playing as much on my fighting class character due to these crashes.

Any help or support would be greatly appreciated :blush:


One question that I can ask that may be valid is are you engaging solo or in groups?

Do you have the same issues regardless of if you are solo or in a group?

I have some issues but usually only on large hunts.


It’s a solo thing. I’m a bit of a lone crow. I’ve done meteorites with up to 2 people in the past. Did not crash at that time. I think it had to do with the increasing intensity of mobs. My home is on Biitula sho that’s mostly where this happens, although it had happened on other planets. I hesitate to engage on a more treacherous world due to my assumptions that the game will crash. Thank you for your inquiry @blinvir


Were you using a rift or blink slingbow?

Edit: hmmm @vdragon stopped typing. Wonder if he was about to ask that :sweat_smile:


@FireAngelDth, well, that’s the Discourse forums for you. It shows who’s typing even if nothing is entered. No privacy here unfortunately.

Anyway, back to the topic on hand.

@ThavenMooncrow, did your PS4 indicate that crashes were being generated and being sent off somewhere? If so, do you remember roughly the time and day when they were submitted?


@vdragon Yes, the PS4 did offer to send a report which I completed the first time or 2. After that I just figured they’ve heard my voice, let me get back to the game :blush: As for the time, it varies. Honestly it’s happened so many times I couldn’t tell you specific time of day. I will engage some meteorites today and get more specific details if that would help.


No, I’m a thrift store bow type of guy for now :joy: Maybe the magic of a rift sling bow would alleviate this issue?

Jokes aside, I usually use between a titanium and a gem crafted bow.


If anything they might make it worse :sweat_smile:. At least at one point the new slingbows were causing issues


@vdragon So I just did a meteorite (tried) and even without many Cuttletrunks, my game crashed. 9:56 am central time. About 10 players in the world. I was shooting at a spitter using a diamond sling bow.



Presumably you just submitted it after seeing this screen?

Edit: Also what is your in-game username?


Heh… no. I’ve submitted them in the past and figure they already know the issue. Would it be in the best interest to send one each time? If so then that’s what I’ll do.


Thaven_Mooncrow is my ps4 ID. I have 6 characters, would you like their names as well?


We’re not seeing any recent ones, so if you can submit one, that would be great.


Are you using the focus or rage brews?


Not the brews. I do have focus epic enabled though. Actually, that’s when I started to notice the game crashing… after I applied that skill to my tree. Gonna try something…


I turned off the Focus Epic. Found a level 1 meteorite and completed it. No crash. This was at 11:15 am on Biitula. I’ll try and find some higher level meteorites and keep posting the results.


@dave Just completed a level 3 meteorite. No crash, plenty of Cuttletrunks. Maybe it’s the focus epic? 11:40 am on Biitula.


Ok thanks that should help us track it down