PS4 Exclusives

I’ve had a PC for a while now and have been wanting to ask to transfer my main character over from PS4, but I have one kind of silly reason to keep him there…

He looks dope af with the ‘swift’ head wear.

Apparently swift is a PS4 exclusive. I’m guessing he’d lose it if I transfer him, but I want to know for sure.

Can anyone shed light on this?

You cant transfer characters period.

you can delete him on your ps4 account if you really are that attached to the name but otherwise your only options are to make a new character and give him rights to your old ones buildings.

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correct me if I’m wrong, but i thought even names once deleted could not be re-created

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You can always reach out to James for your options if any new ones might exist.

Worse case is get a new PS character going and then give it full perms to either the guild you run on the PS4 or the beacon. That way you can use everything and take it all until you can migrate over.

If this is true then im going to spend the next couple of days coming up with all the “good” names i can think of and deleting them so only my account can have access to them…

Ooo lets see how this works out, remember folks once they do it for one person they have to do it for everyone…

I’ve been trying for 6 months to have a transfer done from ps4 to pc- it’s bot possible at all unfortunately. Which sucks as Sony cap download connection speed so mainly unplayable connection in my house all day everyday.


I’m attached to his plots haha. Took me 2.5 years and a couple hundred bucks to get them.

That’s fine though if it’s impossible. I do have a PC alt that I’ve just been too lazy to level up but I’ll be more inclined to once the update drops.

@Xaldafax thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t want to bother him directly if I could get answers otherwise.

Just make DutchJrOfSorissi and play the offspring of your own avatar. :wink:


My main is just Dutch so I named my pc alt Sorissi

So youre saying a DutchJr could still show up looking for Dutch or Sorissi asking for back warp support?
Sounds like i need to make a new alt… :smiley:

For testing purposes I deleted a character and was able to re-created it with the same name so it’s possible :+1:

I have been able to do that, but im curious if im able to do that across accounts, ill test it when i dont feel lazy.

U could delete one, and let me check if I could create it using my alt acc or I PM you the name I deleted

good idea i pm’d you the name i used to test it out, the character is no longer on my account screen

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done, seems its not account locked either

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A week or so ago:

Kurious I can switch accounts to ps4 to ps4 if my PlayStation dies dough right

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You should be able to just log into your PlayStation account on a new PlayStation and have everything as it was

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My worry is that I’m not getting a PS5 so if my PS4 dies it might just be the end of the game for me. Would be too painful to essentially start over on PC and have to count down the days and watch as thousands of hours of work regen.

Same fear here, lol. I have 3 weeks to grind a couple thousand plots on my Mac or pc alt : / it won’t be hard I just don’t wanna